A designed and developed 3D animation to show how the unique 5BY2 parking system works.

Visually showing the parking process from start to finish with the unique movement of the cars whilst parking, and then delivering the car back to its owner. The animation also illustrates the potential for space saving opportunities by using this unique automated parking system.

5BY2 is the pioneer of the fully automated parking puzzle system creating maximum capacity within minimum space. Requiring an average of approximately 15m2, or approximately 160 ft2, per car it offers up to 60{0ed53be4b40cba748b91c03c0fbbc3e32daf004152a6453f80f4e13e2a3ad922} improvement over conventional car park space requirements. This is the most efficient and flexible space use of any fully automated parking system (robotic, automatic or mechanical parking system or garage).

With over 30 systems installed in Europe and North America, 5BY2 has the international experience and the intelligence of thinking to provide the solution for your project.

A 3D animation to show the unique yet complex parking process in a beautifully simple way.

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