Hues and Harmonies: Starting with black and white

You might think that as graphic designers, one of the first elements of a branding project would be colour. But surprisingly that’s not (always) true! When we first start work on a brand, we steer well away from colour. Colour is an undeniably powerful tool. It evokes emotions, conveys messages, […]

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The 5 signs telling you it’s time for a rebrand

Deciding whether or not to invest in a rebrand is a big decision. The cost and time involved make it a big commitment for you and your team. And then there are your customers. What will they think about the changes? Will it change their attitude toward your business? Rebranding […]

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Leading the field with a winning charity website

Mane Chance are a Surrey-based charity who rescue abused and abandoned horses and ponies. They also support children, young people and vulnerable adults with equine-based therapies, education and volunteering opportunities. Having had their existing branding and website for many moons, the team at Mane Chance were ready for an update. […]

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