About room 11 design

At room 11 we create business opportunities through creative design. We believe design is a powerful tool that influences behaviour, solves problems and creates opportunities. We collaborate, question and challenge ourselves and our clients in order to deliver the right creative solutions. Our focus is not just on how our clients react but on the impact our work will have on their customers.


We achieve this by following these principles:

Building Relationships
At room 11 design we want our work to help build long-term relationships between our clients and their customers. Our clients talk directly to our experienced designers - we have no hierarchy, no account managers, no bureaucracy. We become part of our clients’ team, pre-empting their needs, giving more than is asked – our aim is to make them look good.

Deep Understanding
We question, we clarify and we challenge to rapidly gain a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. We identify the problems to be solved, and focus on the opportunities to be developed. With deep understanding, we deliver the right solutions with speed and efficiency.

Creative Solutions
Our approach is to develop new creative solutions individually tailored to every brief. We collaborate, develop, challenge and refine, in order to deliver the right creative solutions that achieve our clients’ objectives. Our focus is not just on how our client will react but on the impact our work will have on the client’s customer.

Room 11 Design – Loving What We Do
We love what we do and we make sure our clients do too. Room 11 design are serious about delivering great results – and we have fun getting there. We take pride in everything we deliver – and the biggest buzz for us is getting great feedback from our clients.