Video delivers greater engagement, recall and conversion than text alone

The use of video as a business tool has been growing exponentially over recent years. Not so long ago only large companies with large budgets were making TV adverts and glossy corporate films. But thanks to huge advances in digital technology and software development, the costs of filming, editing, post-production and distribution have all massively reduced. Now businesses of all sizes are able to produce quality video content – and reaching their audiences is practically free by posting these videos online.

There are many statistics demonstrating the power of video (and the numbers keep changing as the growth continues). When you know that having video on your website can keep visitors on your site longer; that over 60% of visitors will watch a video before looking at anything else; that 4 times as many people prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it; that people are many times more likely to share video content than text; and that over 50% of internet use is viewed on mobile devices where the user-experience provided by video is far more effective than scrolling through text; the only question you need to ask is “what should our video show and how quickly can we make it?”

Why room 11?

We will take you through every step of the process: from understanding how video can help achieve your business objectives, to initial concepts and storyboards, through art direction, filming, full post-production and finally delivery.

Ensuring your video is optimised for online viewing is paramount, but at room 11 we also have the expertise through our sister company room360i to create video that delivers in all environments, whether online, at exhibitions, trade shows, company presentations or corporate events.

Video and animation can boost the impact of any business.

The sorts of films we have produced for clients include:

Corporate Overviews
'Who we are' company videos, client testimonials and key staff experiences.

‘How to’ & Training videos
Training staff or distributors on best practices, how to guides, etc.

Technical product explanations
Communicating and demonstrating complex concepts to customers in a simple and effective way.

Logo animations
Building and demonstrating brand values and personality.

Let‘s make movies?

The possibilities are endless and the power is undeniable – contact us now to discuss ideas and see our work.