Meaco is an internationally successful business tucked away in Guildford. They have been in the air treatment market for around thirty years with a range of dehumidifiers, air purifiers and humidifiers. In 2019 they expanded into the air-cooling market with a range of premium fans. Unlike many of their rivals, Meaco fans are extraordinarily quiet while also being blissfully effective at helping people keep their cool.
No strangers to the power of video, the Meaco team had booked in a shoot for some live action videos for their new range. They were due to film in early 2020 and (yes, you guessed it) Covid-19 hit. No prizes for guessing what that meant… no filming. They needed to find an alternative, and quickly!

Having worked closely with Chris – Meaco’s co-founder – on other projects, we suggested producing a series of pandemic-proof animations. This would give us complete control over the ‘filming’ environment without having to deal with complex and costly Covid restrictions.

The deliverables
We worked with Meaco to create several routes that would tick all their boxes. The chosen option used bold graphic styling and simple storyboards for a strong sense of character with a touch of humour. The result? Engaging and premium video that didn’t skimp on communicating the core product benefits. We also created cutdown versions to make this campaign super-adaptable for a range of platforms.

Filming the products on greenscreen meant we could display them within the animations instead of having to recreate them. As an added bonus, potential buyers could clearly see the size and movement of the fans.
Having created a series of animations, it was now easy to translate them and get a voiceover artist to perform for both the French and German markets.

With this done, Meaco were keen to make their YouTube explanatory videos look more polished. As an important part of the brand assets, they present the Meaco brand in an authentic setting and give the extra reassurance and information that their target buyers want. Chris filmed the videos in his office and then sent them over to us for editing before being uploaded to YouTube.

What a result!
The campaign has supported two stonking years for Meaco. Since the launch of the new Meaco fans, revenue has doubled. The videos have become an integral part of the brand support plan, providing consumers with clear and engaging content which they LOVE. (You can read their TrustPilot reviews here if you’re feeling nosy.)

Reflecting on his work with Room11, Chris says, “I really like the way in which Room11 are so accommodating. No matter what the subject, they talk in a way that makes me feel welcome and comfortable with the topic in hand. They’re genuinely nice people with a lot of patience and have worked hard to guide me in the right direction, making it easier for us to do more great work.”

We’ll take that Chris, it’s been a pleasure to work on this with you too!


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MeacoFan 1056P Pedestal Air Circulator


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MeacoFan 360 Personal Air Circulator


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