The Mane Chance Sanctuary continues to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and old horses, integrating them with our local community. Along with the rehabilitation these same horses help young people and the Chance2Be mindfulness-based programme, young adults are referred for their mental health condition as an early intervention, Mane Chance hope to increase the opportunities available to them and enable them to reach their full potential in life. We have been working with Mane Chance for over 10 years, from creating collateral, newsletters to producing awareness campaigns and videos.

We recently designed and developed the new Mane Chance website, with the aim of increasing site traffic and awareness of this important cause. We are thrilled to announce that in the first year the site has generated an additional 30% of traffic and doubled the number of pages viewed. The fully responsive site also includes an E-commerce feature which has resulted in revenue of over £13,000 in the last six months. We are proud to be making a difference through design.

Visit the site here.

Below is a video from the Mane Chance Founding Trustee, Jenny Seagrove, explaining what the new site has meant to them.