Wow factor

The first steps to achieving the WOW factor is planning. Plain old fashioned planning. Who would have thought that planning was behind inspirational design? As designers we don’t start a project sat in think tanks with crayons and reams of blank paper conjuring up fantastic concepts and ingenious visuals.

The wow factor - We start a project by talking; by understanding the people, the business and the products involved. We place people first as they are the most important elements. I have heard the term H2H (human to human) being bandied around, and whilst I do agree with the phrase, I think it’s sad that we need to label what is essentially our innate need to connect with one another. Is it not obvious that we all do business together as people, and the better our relationships are the better the business we have or do is?

I digress.
The better the planning, the better the project. Businesses don’t have great brands, logos, literature or websites without planning everything to within an inch of its life. This is how we approach each one of our projects and this is how we create WOW for our clients. WOW doesn’t come only from from the look of a design and it rarely comes from the stock or size of a document. It also doesn’t come from cheap gimmicks, or the technology that runs behind the scenes.

WOW exists when the customer or consumer are instantly drawn to the design, when they want to interact and engage with it.  WOW exists when the design works at every level … attracting customers, making it easy for them to understand your service or your product and producing sales.

WOW exists when you ‘feel’ it truly represents who you are and what you are offering, WOW exists when you say I LOVE IT.  When we get this reaction, we know we have done our job properly.

The path to WOW is understanding, and understanding starts with talking.
If you are looking to start a new project, design a website, create new collateral, mount an exhibition, renew/create a logo, or create a new brand then please get in touch. The kettle at Room 11 is always on. We love tea and we love a chat. We would be honoured to talk to you about the WOW we can help you create.

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