Univar Solutions wanted to shift the perception of their industry and demonstrate not just their commitment to sustainability but also leadership in the space.

We needed to create more than just a one off campaign but a 360° approach that can be used for years to come.

The winning concept ‘Today. Tomorrow. Together’ captures Univar Solutions local and global mission.  Marrying the logo with imagery creates something fresh, approachable and human.

We were able to create a multi-touchpoint campaign, focused around the launch of the 2020 Sustainability Report. Deliverables included, 4 bespoke landing pages, an e-shot to drive sign-up to the Executive-led webinar, social media images, digital and print flyers, PowerPoint templates, MS Team backgrounds and a sustainability goals infographic. All elements came together coherently to illustrate Univar Solutions long-term journey towards a sustainable future for all.

Not only did the campaign deliver excellent feedback both internally and externally. It also won a Marcom award - Strategic Communications, Marketing/Promotion Campaign, Integrated Marketing along with a host of other awards, with some still pending. Exceptional results for everyone involved.

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Congratulations to the whole team for this achievement, it's a pleasure to get to work with a team who is so committed to delivering engaging, impactful communication on our journey to a more sustainable future.

Liam McCarroll,
Director Of Sustainability- Global at Univar Solutions

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