Website Features

The Univar PC website has many features designed to provide a positive user experience, such as a file assets management tool, with advance tracking for user views and downloads.

Below are a selection of the features implemented within this website.

  • Content management system
  • Responsive design
  • 'Email to Friend’ form
  • Full screen background video
  • File Assets Management

Be Inspired!

Univar Personal Care offers unrivalled product innovation from world class suppliers, expert technical support and an in-depth understanding of specific industry needs and current trends. Univar Personal Care passes on their expert knowledge and product development for Skin Care, Make-up, Sun Care, Hair Care and Toiletries markets thus giving their EMEA customers the edge in this highly competitive industry.

This resource website is based around their Strategic Ingredient Marketing Campaigns. The home page which includes a fullscreen background video is design to allow for continued growth as new campaigns come online. Each campaign has a specific theme which focuses around a current market trend. This is then continued through to the specific product formulation collateral.

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Room 11 have been a major factor in our growth and in us establishing a clear differentiation from our competitors.

David Jukes
Univar Europe


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