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Since 2006 The Ramp People have become the No.1 ramp supplier in the UK. They work with clients and suppliers all over the UK and overseas; selling their wheelchair ramps, cable protectors and vehicle ramps to various industries and customers, improving their access and mobility across the world.

We have worked with The Ramp People for a number of years and have produced logos, brands, printed materials and photography for them to help them to market their products.

Shooting a mixture of studio and location photography has enabled us to provide some detailled and instructional photos that are used in a number of different situations, from printed and promotional materials to inclusion on the website as product listings.

When photographing products, we find carefully considered lighting and placement key to getting the right results.

David Ellis
Creative Director

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Why room 11?

Room 11 provides creative, affordable, high quality full-service photography from our studio in Godalming (near Guildford) and on location throughout Surrey and the South East.

As well as having the skills and equipment to take beautiful shots, our graphic design expertise means we can help you with the overall concept. Ranging from the design and layout that will feature your photographs to art direction and styling advice for the more complex projects. We also offer photo retouching and image manipulation.

We take a creative approach with every project to deliver quality photography that builds a unique style for your brand.

Photo talk?

If you want help showing off your products or services in the best possible light, email or call us for a professional discussion, definitely not a snap chat.