Understanding the benefits that asset finance can bring to lenders and borrowers alike.

SAF specialise in sourcing cost effective and efficient asset finance for business customers and in helping start up and existing lenders build or optimise their asset finance capabilities.

We worked with SAF to create a new brand, a website and marketing materials. We designed and developed a strong brand identity, which sits comfortably within their industry, and can be used confidently across different mediums from print to screen.

Room 11 has a special talent of being able to deliver creative flare and vision on their customers’ projects that enhance key messages.

Shane Thomas
Managing Director

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Why room 11?

Based in Godalming, near Guildford we have been designing visual identities and developing branding for organisations since 1997.

From local companies to large multinationals, we follow the same process to ensure we develop the right logo and brand identity that works for our clients.

Before we put pencil to paper, we work with you to get a deep understanding of:

  • The business you are in now and possible new areas in the future.
  • The size of your company, and the scale of your ambition.
  • Your values, your personality, what’s important to you.
  • Your competitors, and how you are different.
  • Your target audience, and the channels to reach them.

Tea or coffee?

We cater to all tastes, so we would love to hear about your branding requirements. Get in touch by phone or email and let’s start the discussion.