Disabled people continue to comprise the poorest and worst-served group in the world.

"As a small charity facing the enormous challenges of supporting disabled young people in African countries, it is vital that our public image reflects the professionalism to which we aspire, and effectively communicates the nature and value of our work.

Room 11 have been the perfect partners in this regard. They have been, and continue to be entirely responsible for our ‘public face’. They undertook an initial design brief which covered all our requirements from logo design, website construction, leaflet and other written materials, display banners and wall artwork. They continue to modify and upgrade our materials as time dictates. In this, they have been an essential ingredient in our growth over the past five years. They are experts in presentation - our messages are often complex involving sensitive issues which they never fail to present appropriately and effectively.

Room 11 listen. They take time to understand our issues, aspirations and challenges before proposing any design solution. This never fails to result in powerful, attractive and effective communication.

Despite the fact that everything the room 11 team do for us is donated without any charge, we never feel like anything but their most valued customer."

Ric Law,
Director Disability Africa

We are very proud to support Ric and Disability Africa, and being able to see the work they do and the progress they are making is so rewarding.

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Why room 11?

This is where it all started at room 11, many moons ago. Our love of design originated with print.

We can help with everything from business cards and stationery to leaflets and brochures; from calendars and product catalogues to posters and exhibition stands; and bespoke promotional items to personalised direct mail.

Designing for print either digitally or on a litho press, we have built great relationships with a range of printers, meaning we can offer a stress-free service from design to delivery for every budget.

So, whether you need a simple postcard or a 300-page event brochure, we can help with both your design and print requirements.

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