Providing a caring sanctuary to horses of all different ages and sizes.

Mane Chance operates a system of care unique in the world of equine welfare. They have set up a track system across the fields at the sanctuary. By placing feed all along the tracks and water at one end, our horses are encouraged to exercise and forage. This system is proven to enrich the horse lives more so than if they were housed in a square or oblong field where they would just stand in one spot and eat and graze.

We are proud to support Mane Chance Sanctuary and help with all of their design and marketing needs, as well as offering photography, video and web services. Ensuring their message is communicated consistently and professionally.

Room 11 are quick to respond and myself and my colleagues can ask for help at any time. We feel very lucky to have them support us.

Jenny Seagrove
Mane Chance Santuary

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