Targeted, well-written, impactful email campaigns can deliver big results with low investment

Email marketing - done well - remains one of the most cost-effective forms of targeted marketing. Compared to direct mail both development and execution costs are dramatically lower, even with sophisticated targeting and individual personalisation. However we have all experienced email overload: trying to sell us things we don’t want, boring “newsletters” about things we have no interest in, and plain old spam.
Successful email marketing requires a deep understanding of who you should be targeting and a real appreciation of your customers’ needs. Give them information that they find valuable in exchange for their valued time. Be interesting and be useful.

Why room11?

We have a wealth of experience designing, building, implementing and sending out a whole range of email campaigns for our clients. We manage the campaigns from targeting with database segmentation right through to providing full analytical post-campaign reports.

We focus on good, relevant email content. Enticing subject lines to get your messages opened. Engaging content your audience will want to read and even share with others. Your distinctive voice to establish brand awareness and trust and build an on-going relationship.

At room11 we will guide you through all the stages of strategic email marketing campaigns, from establishing objectives, identifying the most relevant and valuable target audiences, design and content development, through to implementation and of course the results.

Email or chat?

Email can be powerful but sometimes face-to-face is better. If you are looking to boost your email marketing then by all means drop us an email, or pop in for a chat over a cuppa to see how we can help.