Room 11 Design recommend the following marketing tips for 2016

1. Have a plan: Failing to plan is planning to fail… its old, but still rings true. Markets and technologies are changing all the time, if you blow the dust off your old marketing plans you probably find they will need to change a little to work in today's climate. Have clear goals and work back from where you would like to be. Re-assess, re-evaluate and re-focus.. be mindful of peoples needs, technology and trends and 2016 should all go to plan.

2. Mobile Accessibility: After Googles 2015 ‘mobilegeddon’  on non-responsive websites you should now all have your online tools working beautifully on all mobile devices. Mobile has now taken over as the primary source of web views, your presence on these devices needs to be as interactive, engaging and lovely as your desktop website… don’t be left behind.

3. Make the most of video: Online video now accounts for around 50{0ed53be4b40cba748b91c03c0fbbc3e32daf004152a6453f80f4e13e2a3ad922} of all mobile traffic, and has been shown to increase email clickthroughs and website dwell time (don’t you just love geek speak). If you have something to say or a story to tell then think of video. A short video or animation will engage, educate and hopefully entertain (three Es?). Is this the year you bring video into your marketing tool kit?

4. Content Is Still King: Content is and always will be King, and the Queen is still creativity. The two go hand in hand. Quality content should be seen as a priority, regardless of industry. Business decision-makers prefer to get company information through a series of articles, compared to advertising. Consumers believe that companies providing customised content are building better relationships with them, while consumers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy (Source: Content Marketing Institute survey). Get working on that content and hopefully your Queen will help to make it work for you.

5. Get Personal: Don’t be shy, open up a little. With social media, mobile technology and other digital communications having a huge impact on our online communities, we all need to interact a little more. I’m not saying you need to tell everyone what lunch you're having or how to make Lasagne, however we all need to take part online socially if we are to grow this part of our business. Word-of-mouth, referrals and online reviews all work towards a better online presence. It's time to get personal!

Make 2016 your biggest. Be bold and most importantly be nice to everyone!