Disability Africa - Who we are graphic

Working with Ric, we have produced a Disability Africa infographic to help illustrate who Disability Africa are, and the important work they do.

Ric listed out the key information for the Disability Africa Infographic, around what they do and the steps to a successful plan of action, and from this we were able to design and produce a graphic, utilising the colours and brand style that we have previously developed for Disability Africa.

The use of the brand colours and design style enable this graphic to be viewed as a stand alone material and still maintain a strong connection to the brand.

This was important to achieve as the graphic will be adapted and also used to form a a presentation and a series of wall graphics.

This graphic has also been adapted to feature within a pull up banner, and now a poster... next up we will be taking the graphic a step further and splitting the graphic into sections which we can then animate, forming an engaging infographical piece, telling the story of who they are and what they do.

This will also allow us to add to the DA video library and push for further awareness and recognition of the work they do, via social media platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.

The Disability Africa Infographic will form the basis for other infographics to focus on key messages and areas of concern, allowing DA to present their message in a clear, engaging and informative way.