The Chailey Heritage Foundation website is now live

The Chailey Heritage Foundation website, a fully content managed website split into 4 separately branded areas is now live and performing well. The Chailey Heritage Foundation website was built to be a new and improved version of the previous website, and to act as a source of information, resources and news for the Foundation. The website was built alongside a content management system allowing a team of administrators complete control over the website, to be able to generate new pages, post news articles upload video content and galleries and  ensure the website is always kept up-to-date.

The website design was based on the identity and branding which the Foundation had established, and the layout within each page needed to allow the content to be easily accessible with the user being able to freely navigate with as little effort as possible. The website content in some areas needed to work in a format suitable for a blog/ news portal, so the overall layout design reflects this flexibility, but with a consistent look and feel.

You can view the website by clicking here