A Time For Giving… Mane Chance Sanctuary

We are proud to support Mane Chance Sanctuary

The Mane Chance Sanctuary ethos is two-fold. Firstly, they rescue and rehabilitate those horses who have suffered in the past but then those horses in turn, repay Mane Chance by helping children who are suffering in the present.

If you would like to find out more about Mane Chance please visit their website or if you would like to find out more about how weve helped Jenny and her team with presentations, printed literature and a host of other projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To donate to this fantastic charity please visit their donations page here.

A Time For Giving… Disability Africa

We are proud to support Disability Africa

We have had a great year working closely with Ric Law and his team at Disability Africa.

The charity has come a long way from its conception five years ago to its first Centre opening in The Gambia providing parental support and training programs for community volunteers, regular physiotherapy and a surgery for monthly visits by a doctor and the base for a schools’ outreach programme as preparation to start selecting and preparing children who attend the Centre to be included in mainstream schools. This is only one of the many projects currently being run by Ric and his small team. With such progress you can understand how proud we are to be part of such a successful organisation.

“As a small charity facing the enormous challenges of supporting disabled young people in African countries, it’s great to have friends like the team at Room 11. In designing our website and all our promotional literature, Room 11 have been an essential ingredient in our growth over the past five years. They are experts in presentation – our messages are often complex involving sensitive issues.

And the best thing about the Room 11 team is, although all the work they do for us is without charge, we never feel like anything but their most valued customer!”

Ric Law, Director Disability Africa

If you would like to find out more about Disability Africa please visit the new website or if you would like to find out more about how we’ve worked with Ric and his team with branding, presentations, printed literature websites and a host of other projects please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To donate to this fantastic charity please visit their donations page here.

Globechain – An opportunity to make a difference

When room 11 met Globechain

When we first met May Al-Karooni back in late December it was obvious that she was on a mission, she came to us from a referral from Perfect Pitch whom we have worked with for several years. May’s enthusiasm, knowledge and energy was (is) contagious. May is the founder of Globechain, an online reuse platform to connect businesses to charities and people, enabling them to reuse unwanted items.

The story behind the concept of Globechain came to May when she worked for a large city based organisation. When previous employers moved premises, May simply asked what was going to happen to all the old equipment, desks, chairs and copiers once used by the 250 staff? The answer came as a shock… ‘we skip it’. For most this would have raised an eyebrow or even provoked such a reaction as to shrug our shoulders in disbelief. For May she saw an opportunity to help others. For her the equipment that was being taken out of the building was a precious commodity to those that could use it. She simply had to devise a way of connecting those dots, to develop a platform that would allow organisations that no longer needed the desks, chairs and fixtures to be able to notify charities, small businesses and individuals to come and collect them. With this thought Globechain was born.

Obviously, days, weeks and months of planning, reviewing and researching took place before May launched the company, and with no help from others May set out to develop the Globechain concept and a new business.

To be able to work with May and  learning more about the concept, the plans for the future and to be close to a growing and thriving business has been inspiring. We all are capable of greatness, we all can make a difference however we seldom do. To be able to work with a person that has the gumption to stand up and make a difference, to believe in herself and her ideas has been brilliant.

To be able to also provide a solution that will help May help others is fantastic. We are very proud of the website, the complex functionality of posting items, browsing items, account registrations, payments, feedback portals and automated notifications all within a slick responsive website. All of these points made easier with a direct brief, working through our specification documentations to be able to deliver a site that the client is happy with and that has had great feedback, who wouldn’t be!

May, if I was wearing a hat I would doff it in your direction. I have no doubt you will go from strength to strength and I’m personally looking forward to helping you get there.

If you’re in a business that has equipment, construction material or retail furniture that is no longer needed, rather than simply adding it to land fill, sign up with Globechain and make a difference to a local charity. Reuse, recycle and up cycling your items to create social, economic and environmental good is something we can all get onboard with, you never know it may just make someone smile.

Take a look at the website



Disability Africa – To make something big, you first have to do something small

Working with Disability Africa

After working with and supporting Disability Challengers for the past 20 years where I first met Ric Law, it was a pleasure to assist with the branding, website and communications for new venture Disability Africa. Ric’s approach to disability is refreshing, thought provoking and is making a difference to peoples lives in the communities that Disability Africa are working within. Ric is taking an a huge task and little by little he is winning.

Ric approaches the subject in a totally different way than most, ‘To work with communities to explore causes which exclude disabled young people. To challenge conventional attitudes and practice to inform, inspire and deliver change because we believe that an approach that includes disabled children will be better for all children’

In the few years that Disability Africa has been running it has raised enough finance to build its first centre in Gunjur, Gambia. From a simple idea to laying the foundations on a building within four years is quite an achievement. The Gunjur inclusion centre is now near completion and will include rooms for adult training, consultation and therapies? along with important facilities such as soft play areas will open its doors later this year. To read more of the story and the learn how it has all unfolded please feel free to go to the Disability Africa Blog page.

I look forward to hopefully going out to witness the opening and to see for myself the work that is being done in Gunjur later this year, and also to hear of the other schemes that are underway throughout the continent.

Watch this space as I do think that something small is about to turnout very big!


Guildford book festival

Guildford book festival – So many books, so little time.

Good luck to all those involved in this years Guildford Book Festival, this is room 11’s fifth year of producing the festival guide book and we are proud to see the event grow from strength to strength.

Since initially re branding the Guildford book festival in 2011 and producing the subsequent programme, advertising and signage we have seen the festival grown to become the premier literary event in the South of England with this years authors to include Brian Blessed, Sir Roger Moore, humanitarian Terry Waite and former Business Secretary Vince Cable to name but a few.

Working closely with Jim Parks, Director of the Guildford Book Festival, room 11 design took on the task once again to produce the programme guide, advertising and events promotional signage. As you can appreciate the work that goes into each programme is quite exceptional, Jim has the massive task of collating the content for room 11 to be able to produce the visuals and artwork to a deadline. The studio is intense for the period time, working closely with Jim up until the deadline. We liken the start of the project to completing a large intricate puzzle. With much deliberation and with Jim’s guidance the end product is something that the studio has a great delight in sharing with friends and customers alike.

Take a look at this years festival offerings, I think you’ll find it has something for everyone http://www.guildfordbookfestival.co.uk/

Jim, thank you for choosing to work with us again this year, its always good to have you in the studio. I hope its the great success it deserves to be. Feel free to see what Jim Parks has to say about the project from the link below.


PowerPoint… is it the best option?

We all need more from our presentations.

Powerpoint shouldn’t always be the first application that comes to mind when planning your presentation

Step back from PowerPoint and see how room 11 can help with yours

A presentation should be engaging, informative and lasting…. it shouldn’t be a 200+ slide show of stats that puts its audience to sleep!

When planning your presentation you first need to consider what your key message is going to be. and then how you are going to deliver that message. At room11 we strongly believe that presentations can be so much more than a powerpoint slideshow.

If appropriate consider using video or animated content to present your key message or to act as a supporting feature. Consider the use of music to set a mood and give your audience a more engaging experience. with regard to online content, video content is proven to make more of an impact than reading a screen of text so why should your presentation be any different?

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your presentation


Josh Hill 2013 F3 car

The design for the josh Hill new 2013 Formula 3 car has now been applied.

As well as designing the livery for the Josh Hill F3 car, we have also updated the design for his race suit to match.

Joshua Hill (born 9 January 1991) is a British former racing driver from Surrey, England. He is the son of 1996 Formula One world champion Damon Hill and the grandson of two-time Formula One world champion Graham Hill.

Hill has been racing cars since 2008. After seasons in the British Ginetta and Formula Ford championships, he competed in the Toyota Racing Series, a Formula 3 style open wheel racing series run in New Zealand during the European winter.

In 2011 he competed in the British Formula Renault Championship, taking his maiden win in the November Finals.

In 2012 Hill raced in Formula Renault 2.0 NEC championship, finishing third overall and taking five wins.

Damon Graham Devereux Hill, OBE (born 17 September 1960) is a British former racing driver. He is the son of Graham Hill, and is the only son of a Formula One world champion to win the title. He started racing on motorbikes in 1981, and after minor success moved on to single-seater racing cars. But although he progressed steadily up the ranks to the International Formula 3000 championship by 1989, and was often competitive, he never won a race at that level.

Hill became a test driver for the Formula One title-winning Williams team in 1992. He was promoted to the Williams race team the following year after Riccardo Patrese’s departure and took the first of his 22 victories at the 1993 Hungarian Grand Prix. During the mid-1990s, Hill was Michael Schumacher’s main rival for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship, which saw the two clash several times on and off the track. Their collision at the 1994 Australian Grand Prix gave Schumacher his first title by a single point. Hill became champion in 1996 with eight wins, but was dropped by Williams for the following season. He went on to drive for the less competitive Arrows and Jordan teams, and in 1998 gave Jordan their first win.

Hill retired from racing after the 1999 season. He has since launched several businesses and has made appearances playing the guitar with celebrity bands. In 2006, he became president of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, succeeding Jackie Stewart. Hill stepped down from the position in 2011 and was succeeded by Derek Warwick. He presided over the securing of a 17-year contract for Silverstone to hold Formula One races, which enabled the circuit to see extensive renovation work. Hill currently works as part of the Sky Sports F1 broadcasting team.

A very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all from everyone at Room 11

Merry Christmas from everyone at Room 11 Design Ltd. We are proud to have supported Disability Africa this year and look forward to our continued relationship in 2013.

Disabled people continue to comprise the poorest and worst-served group in the world.

Clearly, the greater the level of general poverty in any community the worse the conditions are for the disabled people who live there. Or to put it another way; disabled people in the poorest communities are the most disadvantaged people on our planet.

We believe that the desperate inequalities that exist for disabled people are uncivilised and preventable. To address these inequalities improves all of us who take part.

Click here to find out more about the important work that they do.

We have had a great 2013, and have been lucky enough to work with some great clients on what have been some fantastic projects. Check out the remainder of our blog to catch up on what we have been up to.


Drive iQ Press Coverage

Our client Drive iQ has been getting some fantastic press coverage in the media recently

Drive iQ have been enjoying some great press coverage and were recently featured on ITV Daybreak, Channel 4 news and Sky news.

You can see Sophie Morgans television interviews by clicking here

Drive iQ has been created by a2om (“atom”) international ltd, a global leader in the development of driver education and assessment software. Their modules are recognised as:

•   best in class
•   academically robust & evidence based
•   easiest to use, and
•   most cost effective to buy

To find out more about Drive iQ click here

TRP Sponsors The Coldest Journey

The Coldest Journey

One of our clients, The Ramp People, are proud to be sponsoring The Coldest Journey, an expedition to cross Antarctica during Winter, led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

The The Coldest Journey expedition which begins on the 6th December hopes to raise US$10 million for Seeing is Believing, an international initiative which is tackling avoidable blindness.

The 2000-mile journey across the continent has for many years been considered too perilous to try and the expedition’s five-man* “Ice Team” will have to overcome one of earth’s most hostile environments if they are to succeed, exposing themselves to temperatures dropping close to -90c and operating in near permanent darkness.

A winter traverse of the Antarctic is widely regarded as the last true remaining polar challenge and the expedition’s success will reassert Britain’s status as the world’s greatest nation of explorers.

A fund-raising initiative will run side-by-side with the expedition with the aim of raising $10m for Seeing is Believing to help fight blindness around the world.

Having never been attempted, the expedition will also provide unique and invaluable scientific research that will help climatologists, as well as forming the basis for an education programme that will reach up to 100,000 schools across the Commonwealth.

To find out more visit: http://www.thecoldestjourney.org/

And to find out more about The Ramp People, visit: http://www.theramppeople.co.uk/