PowerPoint… is it the best option?

We all need more from our presentations.

Powerpoint shouldn’t always be the first application that comes to mind when planning your presentation

Step back from PowerPoint and see how room 11 can help with yours

A presentation should be engaging, informative and lasting…. it shouldn’t be a 200+ slide show of stats that puts its audience to sleep!

When planning your presentation you first need to consider what your key message is going to be. and then how you are going to deliver that message. At room11 we strongly believe that presentations can be so much more than a powerpoint slideshow.

If appropriate consider using video or animated content to present your key message or to act as a supporting feature. Consider the use of music to set a mood and give your audience a more engaging experience. with regard to online content, video content is proven to make more of an impact than reading a screen of text so why should your presentation be any different?

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