PowerPoint… is it the best option?

We all need more from our presentations.

Powerpoint shouldn’t always be the first application that comes to mind when planning your presentation

Step back from PowerPoint and see how room 11 can help with yours

A presentation should be engaging, informative and lasting…. it shouldn’t be a 200+ slide show of stats that puts its audience to sleep!

When planning your presentation you first need to consider what your key message is going to be. and then how you are going to deliver that message. At room11 we strongly believe that presentations can be so much more than a powerpoint slideshow.

If appropriate consider using video or animated content to present your key message or to act as a supporting feature. Consider the use of music to set a mood and give your audience a more engaging experience. with regard to online content, video content is proven to make more of an impact than reading a screen of text so why should your presentation be any different?

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British GP! – Get excited

Our latest montage for the British GP

Another good day in the studio working on an animated montage for the British GP! Lets GET EXCITED!

The British Grand Prix is a race in the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

It is currently held at the Silverstone Circuit near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire in England. The British and Italian Grands Prix are the oldest continuously staged Formula One World Championship Grands Prix.

It was designated the European Grand Prix five times between 1950 and 1977, when this title was an honorary designation given each year to one Grand Prix race in Europe.

All British Grands Prix dating back to 1926 have been held in England; where the British motor racing industry is primarily located.

In October 2004 the British Grand Prix was left off the preliminary race schedule for 2005 because the BRDC refused to pay the race fee demanded by Bernie Ecclestone. However, after months of negotiation between the BRDC, Ecclestone and the Formula One constructors, a deal was made for the Grand Prix to be held at Silverstone until 2009. 2008 saw Briton Lewis Hamilton win for McLaren; and on the 4 of July, it was announced that Donington Park had been awarded the contract to host the British Grand Prix for 10 years from 2010.[3] However, Donington failed to secure the necessary funding to host the race, and its contract was terminated in November 2009. On 7 December 2009, Silverstone signed a 17-year contract to host the British Grand Prix from 2010 onwards. The 2010 race saw a new circuit configuration being used, using the brand new “Arena” layout.[4] For 2011 a new pit complex was built between Club and Abbey Corners, to where the start/finish line was moved. Silverstone is still a very fast circuit- with average speeds up in the 145 mph range for Formula 1 cars; one of the highest average speeds on the F1 calendar.

Despite the controversy and political bickering that has surrounded the future of the race in recent years, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone remains one of the world’s premier motor racing events.

Halcyon Gallery 360 Filming

We have just completed 360 degree filming at the Halcyon Gallery in London.

We have produced a 360 degree video tour of the Halcyon gallery space and of the current exhibition by artist Mitch Griffiths.

The work of contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths apprehends the viewer through a dissection of twenty first century existence.

Richly  detailed, viscerally layered canvases disclose scenes which simultaneously examine notions of empire, guilt, celebrity and first world entitlement; whilst proffering to expose the essential vacuity of a society drenched in mass media and consumed by consumption itself. Griffiths employs an unflinching high realism to pick apart ideas which promise to haunt with an unnerving familiarity.

Inspired by the canon of representational painting and its enduring duty to hold a mirror to the civilisations which act as patron, Griffiths has adapted an old medium to the scrutiny of a new world.

With an initial approach which is surprisingly loose, Griffiths works in a direct and open-form style of application; rapidly manipulating generalised and abstracted masses and refining until specific details emerge. The viewer is not left with the cold scrutiny of hyper-realism, but instead a complex and painterly reality of the artists own creation.

The work of Mitch Griffiths does not merely depict the world; he creates works of presence which inhabit their own space and context.

Find out more about Mitch here

Singapore Grand Prix – GET EXCITED

A new animated short movie to advertise the Singapore Grand Prix

We are all loving producing these short movies for PolepositionP1.com and the latest edition is an animated movie to promote the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Singapore Grand Prix is a motor race on the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship. The event takes place in Singapore on the Marina Bay Street Circuit and was the inaugural F1 night race and the first street circuit in Asia. Spaniard Fernando Alonso won the first Formula One edition of the Grand Prix, driving for the Renault team amid controversial circumstances, when a year later it had emerged that his team mate Nelson Piquet Jr. had been ordered to crash on purpose by senior team management to bring out the safety car at a timely moment to catapult Alonso to the head of the line. The Singapore Grand Prix will remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2017, after race organizers signed a contract extension with Formula One Management on the eve of the 2012 event. Every running of the race has featured at least one safety car, a total of 12 safety car deployments since 2008. The running of the race under artificial lights sees the race start at 2 pm CET (8 pm local time), which is the standard time for European Grands Prix, as well as moderating the extreme daytime apparent temperature seen in the tropical climate. Even so, given the race is held just about 172 km from the equator,[6] the cockpit temperature can reach 60 °C (140 °F).

With more content coming soon, we will keep you posted with the latest addition… Its a step up from producing the Josh Hill graphics for his forthcoming F3 season.

Get excited – Malaysian Grand Prix

An animated short movie for the Malaysian Grand Prix

Once again, a little late but here is the animated movie for the preview of the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix for PolepositionP1.

The Malaysian Grand Prix (Malay: Prix Grand Malaysia) is a round of the Formula One World Championship. It has been held at the Sepang International Circuit since 1999, although FIA-sanctioned racing in Malaysia has existed since the 1960s. Since 2011, the race has been officially known as the Malaysia Grand Prix.

The 1962-1965 seasons of the original Formula Two Grand Prix held on the Thomson Road circuit in Singapore is regarded as an earlier precedence of the Malaysian Grand Prix. When Singapore was originally part of the Malaysian federation from 1963 to 1965. After Singapore seceded from the federation in 1965, the Grand Prix continued until 1973.

Between Singapore’s departure from the Malaysian federation and the opening of Sepang Circuit. Malaysia hosted a range of other racing tournaments at Shah Alam’s own circuit between 1968 to 1995, including the Tasman Series (1968–1972), Formula Pacific (1973–1974, 1978–1982), Formula Atlantic (1975), Formula Two (1977) and Formula Holden (1995).

The inaugural Grand Prix at Sepang was held in 1999, and saw Michael Schumacher return to the sport after his absence due to a broken leg sustained at that year’s British Grand Prix. Ferrari dominated the race, with Schumacher handing the victory to title-hopeful team-mate Eddie Irvine, only for both Ferraris to be disqualified due to a technical irregularity, before later being reinstated.

F1 get excited – Melbourne

An animated short movie for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne

Prior to each of the 2013 Formula 1 races this season, we have been commissioned to produce a short film outlining last years stats for the Polepositionp1 YouTube channel.This animation focuses on Melbourne.

The Australian Grand Prix is a motor race held annually in Australia currently under contract to host Formula One until 2023. The Grand Prix is the oldest surviving motor racing competition held in Australia having been held 79 times since it was first run at Phillip Island in 1928. Since 1985, the race has been a round of the FIA Formula One World Championship and is currently held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit at Albert Park in Melbourne. Prior to its inclusion in the World Championship, it was held at a multitude of venues in every state of Australia. It was a centrepiece of the Tasman Series in most years between 1964 and 1972 and was a round of the Australian Drivers’ Championship on many occasions between 1957 and 1983. It became part of the Formula One World Championship in 1985 and was held at the Adelaide Street Circuit in Adelaide, South Australia, from that year to 1995, before moving to Melbourne in 1996. The winner of the race is presented with a circular plate, recently named the Jack Brabham trophy named for the three-time winner in a design based on the steering wheel of one of Brabham’s racing cars and a perpetual trophy, the Lex Davison trophy, named for four-time winner and dates back to the 1960s.

The Australian Grand Prix is the first round of the Championship, having been the first race of each year, excluding 2006 and 2010, since the event moved to Melbourne. During its years in Adelaide, the Australian Grand Prix was the final round of the Championship, replacing the Portuguese Grand Prix in that respect. As the final round of the season, the Grand Prix hosted a handful of memorable races, most notably the 1986 and 1994 races which saw the 1986 and 1994 World Drivers’ Championships decided.

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