Disability Africa – To make something big, you first have to do something small

Working with Disability Africa

After working with and supporting Disability Challengers for the past 20 years where I first met Ric Law, it was a pleasure to assist with the branding, website and communications for new venture Disability Africa. Ric’s approach to disability is refreshing, thought provoking and is making a difference to peoples lives in the communities that Disability Africa are working within. Ric is taking an a huge task and little by little he is winning.

Ric approaches the subject in a totally different way than most, ‘To work with communities to explore causes which exclude disabled young people. To challenge conventional attitudes and practice to inform, inspire and deliver change because we believe that an approach that includes disabled children will be better for all children’

In the few years that Disability Africa has been running it has raised enough finance to build its first centre in Gunjur, Gambia. From a simple idea to laying the foundations on a building within four years is quite an achievement. The Gunjur inclusion centre is now near completion and will include rooms for adult training, consultation and therapies? along with important facilities such as soft play areas will open its doors later this year. To read more of the story and the learn how it has all unfolded please feel free to go to the Disability Africa Blog page.

I look forward to hopefully going out to witness the opening and to see for myself the work that is being done in Gunjur later this year, and also to hear of the other schemes that are underway throughout the continent.

Watch this space as I do think that something small is about to turnout very big!


Premier Sports Network website

Premier Sports Network website now live

The new Premier Sports Network website is now live, A fully responsive, horizontally sliding, content managed website. Built specifically for PSN, the website features a blog, news area video content, responsive galleries, user sign up form and event information for both pre and post event.

The Premier Sports Network is a private network whereby a series of invite-only events are hosted to key stakeholders from clubs, federations and leading service providers. Each Premier Sports Network has a different theme and offers the attendees ability to network and share best practice to overcome daily challenges.

They pride themselves in receiving specialist speakers in their respective sector to share innovative ideas.

When I attended the Player Management Conference in November I found it to be immaculately organised and full of great insight. The speakers were all very interesting and I picked up some great hints on how to better carry out my role as Player Liaison Officer. I will definitely be attending the next conference.”

Click here to view the website

Guildford book festival

Guildford book festival – So many books, so little time.

Good luck to all those involved in this years Guildford Book Festival, this is room 11’s fifth year of producing the festival guide book and we are proud to see the event grow from strength to strength.

Since initially re branding the Guildford book festival in 2011 and producing the subsequent programme, advertising and signage we have seen the festival grown to become the premier literary event in the South of England with this years authors to include Brian Blessed, Sir Roger Moore, humanitarian Terry Waite and former Business Secretary Vince Cable to name but a few.

Working closely with Jim Parks, Director of the Guildford Book Festival, room 11 design took on the task once again to produce the programme guide, advertising and events promotional signage. As you can appreciate the work that goes into each programme is quite exceptional, Jim has the massive task of collating the content for room 11 to be able to produce the visuals and artwork to a deadline. The studio is intense for the period time, working closely with Jim up until the deadline. We liken the start of the project to completing a large intricate puzzle. With much deliberation and with Jim’s guidance the end product is something that the studio has a great delight in sharing with friends and customers alike.

Take a look at this years festival offerings, I think you’ll find it has something for everyone http://www.guildfordbookfestival.co.uk/

Jim, thank you for choosing to work with us again this year, its always good to have you in the studio. I hope its the great success it deserves to be. Feel free to see what Jim Parks has to say about the project from the link below.