Stuntman Gary Connery

A new social media webpage is now live for Stuntman Gary Connery.

One of Hollywood’s most successful stunt men, Gary Connery has worked on a string of different films, including Batman Begins, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Johnny English Reborn, Run Fatboy Run and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin among many others.

He also holds the record for being the only person to have jumped from a helicopter without a parachute, using only a wing suit to see him safely reach the ground after a vertical journey of 2,400 feet.

BASE jumping is widely considered to be the most dangerous recreational sport in the world, making Gary’s sensational achievements all the more impressive.

A truly unique and inspiring individual, Gary’s superhuman achievements have seen him achieve near royal status as he performed as the Queen’s very own stunt double during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Jumping from a helicopter, Gary plummeted to the ground in front of an international crowd, making both history and a remarkable step for the royal family.

Gary Connery is an exceptional figure, taking on challenges that few others would attempt, breaking records and creating sensational stunts that have made excellent cinematography extraordinary.

With a string of appearances in films, television series and live stunt acts, Gary’s career has involved some of the most iconic stunt scenes of modern cinema.

His career has seen him take seemingly impossible feats and turn them into landmarks of modern cinema, revolutionising the stunt world as well as taking on high risk challenges of his own.

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Mitch Griffiths website

The new fully responsive, content managed website for Artist – Mitch Griffiths is now live.

The website for Mitch Griffiths is built using a responsive layout, and contains editable galleries, responsive video and a responsive animated blog.

The work of contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths apprehends the viewer through a dissection of twenty first century existence. Richly  detailed, viscerally layered canvases disclose scenes which simultaneously examine notions of empire, guilt, celebrity and first world entitlement; whilst proffering to expose the essential vacuity of a society drenched in mass media and consumed by consumption itself. Griffiths employs an unflinching high realism to pick apart ideas which promise to haunt with an unnerving familiarity.

Inspired by the canon of representational painting and its enduring duty to hold a mirror to the civilisations which act as patron, Griffiths has adapted an old medium to the scrutiny of a new world.

With an initial approach which is surprisingly loose, Griffiths works in a direct and open-form style of application; rapidly manipulating generalised and abstracted masses and refining until specific details emerge. The viewer is not left with the cold scrutiny of hyper-realism, but instead a complex and painterly reality of the artists own creation.

The work of Mitch Griffiths does not merely depict the world; he creates works of presence which inhabit their own space and context.

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Disability Africa and the Taiwanese Ambassador

Ric at Disability Africa meets the Taiwanese Ambassador to Gambia, to discuss the Gunjur Inclusion Project

A huge thanks for your help with our pomotional materials for the Gunjur Inclusion Project. Here is your leaflet in action with the Taiwanese ambassador to Gambia!

Ric Law
Disability Africa


Disabled people continue to comprise the poorest and worst-served group in the world.

Clearly, the greater the level of general poverty in any community the worse the conditions are for the disabled people who live there. Or to put it another way; disabled people in the poorest communities are the most disadvantaged people on our planet.

We believe that the desperate inequalities that exist for disabled people are uncivilised and preventable. To address these inequalities improves all of us who take part.

Our Mission
To work with communities to explore causes which exclude disabled young people. To challenge conventional attitudes and practice to inform, inspire and deliver change because we believe that an approach that includes disabled children will be better for all children.

Our Vision
Disability Africa is working towards an inclusive global society in which the attitudes of the non-disabled are no longer barriers to the life-chances of those with impairments; where equity of opportunity exists for disabled people and societies recognise the benefits to all of Inclusive thinking and action.

End their isolation

Disabled children the world over are isolated by social convention, stigma and because of prejudice and lack of knowledge. A direct consequence is comprehensive deprivation. Deprivation of meaningful stimulus and interaction with family and community ; deprivation of health care and education, and even deprivation of food.

The first priority for disabled children in African countries, is to end their isolation.

We are developing a template of actions which aims to reduce isolation and produce benefits for disabled young people as quickly as possible.

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Guildford Society website

The New Guildford Society Website is now live

The Guildford Society website is a fully content managed website, used to promote the society, their latest news and events, and to give users the opportunity to join the society via an online payment form.

The society are a group of volunteers interested in and dedicated to: Conserving the best of Guildford and its environs, Promoting high standards of planning and architecture, Influencing the pace and type of development, Raising the level of public awareness of local issues.

They have specialist scrutiny groups devoted to Planning, Transport and Design & Heritage and are affiliated to Civic Voice, a nationwide umbrella organisation for Community Associations and Amenity Societies. The Society is politically neutral, and strictly independent.

People may ask what is The Guildford Society; what does it stand for; and what is its purpose…

The Society organizes: Exhibitions and lectures, Social functions, Open meetings to address issues of public concern and sponsor Guildford’s Town Bridge Market

The society also contribute to Heritage Open Days, Produce a variety of publications on Guildford, Make Design Awards for outstanding new buildings or renovations, Support projects to enhance the townscape e.g. the Bargeman sculpture and so much more.

To find out more about the society, please click here.

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Highbank Brochure for Stateside Developments

We have taken delivery of the new Highbank development brochure for our client; Stateside Developments.

The cover to the Highbank brochure is foil printed using a matt silver foil, onto a tactile GFSmith Plike paper to give a an unusual and luxurious feel to the document.

We have worked with Dave Goddard at Stateside developments for many years now, and we are always excited to hear about the latest developments that Stateside produce.

Founded in 2009, Stateside is a privately owned, family run residential development company, who care passionately about getting things right. And focus on the creation of exceptional homes in some of the most desirable locations across Surrey and the Southern Home Counties.

With over 25 years experience in residential development, Managing Director, David Goddard, has a passion for creating homes that are designed and built with meticulous attention to detail.

Stateside was co-founded by Managing Director David Goddard and Stateside Developments (USA)LLC – a New York based company. Which serves to facilitate Colin (David’s brother) and Amanda Goddard’s long term investments and business interests in companies both in the USA and the UK.

Dr. Colin Goddard, a successful Biotechnical entrepreneur for many decades, has embodied his investment philosophy as one of supporting measured growth in high quality companies. Allowing Stateside Developments to pursue a long term vision towards uncompromising excellence.

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