TRP Sponsors The Coldest Journey

The Coldest Journey

One of our clients, The Ramp People, are proud to be sponsoring The Coldest Journey, an expedition to cross Antarctica during Winter, led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

The The Coldest Journey expedition which begins on the 6th December hopes to raise US$10 million for Seeing is Believing, an international initiative which is tackling avoidable blindness.

The 2000-mile journey across the continent has for many years been considered too perilous to try and the expedition’s five-man* “Ice Team” will have to overcome one of earth’s most hostile environments if they are to succeed, exposing themselves to temperatures dropping close to -90c and operating in near permanent darkness.

A winter traverse of the Antarctic is widely regarded as the last true remaining polar challenge and the expedition’s success will reassert Britain’s status as the world’s greatest nation of explorers.

A fund-raising initiative will run side-by-side with the expedition with the aim of raising $10m for Seeing is Believing to help fight blindness around the world.

Having never been attempted, the expedition will also provide unique and invaluable scientific research that will help climatologists, as well as forming the basis for an education programme that will reach up to 100,000 schools across the Commonwealth.

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