Top Ten Tips for eshots

Our top ten tips for successful eshots

1. Top ten tips number 1 – Avoid Spam
Make sure your emails don’t get flagged as spam and deleted by avoiding using words such as “Free”, “£££”, “Save”, “Discount”, etc., in the subject line, and try not to use them more than twice throughout your copy.

2. Simple wins
Keep it simple, when asking for an action such as clicking on a link the majority of users respond better to a plain link as opposed to a banner or button.

3. Get personal
Try Simply starting your email with “Hi A N Other” instead of the boring “Hello”, you can increase both your reading and click-thru rates, as they feel they already have a relationship with you.

4. Pick your day
Analysis shows that the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when people are more receptive.

5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
E-marketing is only effective if it is being followed up, and the best way to do this is to follow up with more information on your services, products or offer.

6. Consistency is king
When sending frequent eshots you must keep them consistent in both look, feel and content.

7. On Time, Every Time
When sending an email to your subscribers, always make sure that it’s sent on the same day of the week in a month. Your readers will “expect” your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day and at the same time, every time.

8. The “two Second” Rule
When your email arrives in your subscribers inbox, you generally have around two seconds to catch their attention with the subject line of your email. In your subject line, try and specify a benefit that the subscriber can expect by reading your email.

9. “Free” always wins
If you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, create or source a product of value to your visitors and offer it for free when they signup to receive your newsletter? This will drive subscribers to your website, providing more and more exposure.

10. The last of our top ten tips – Track everything
Open rates, unsubscribes, clickable-links, emails received, telephone and faxes received. Tracking the clicks is only half the story. Monitor what happened when the click-through occurred, as well as your sales call centre, making sure you ask any new customers how they heard from you.

Augmented Reality and Mitch Griffiths

Augmented Reality in action…

Working with artist Mitch Griffiths and Augmented Reality, we are developing new ways to see behind the scenes with unique views into his work. Just think what we could do with your brochures and photography… the possibilities are endless

The work of contemporary artist Mitch Griffiths apprehends the viewer through a dissection of twenty first century existence. Richly  detailed, viscerally layered canvases disclose scenes which simultaneously examine notions of empire, guilt, celebrity and first world entitlement; whilst proffering to expose the essential vacuity of a society drenched in mass media and consumed by consumption itself.

Griffiths employs an unflinching high realism to pick apart ideas which promise to haunt with an unnerving familiarity.
Inspired by the canon of representational painting and its enduring duty to hold a mirror to the civilisations which act as patron, Griffiths has adapted an old medium to the scrutiny of a new world.
With an initial approach which is surprisingly loose, Griffiths works in a direct and open-form style of application; rapidly manipulating generalised and abstracted masses and refining until specific details emerge. The viewer is not left with the cold scrutiny of hyper-realism, but instead a complex and painterly reality of the artists own creation.
The work of Mitch Griffiths does not merely depict the world; he creates works of presence which inhabit their own space and context.